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Karnataka Board SSLC (Class 10) Social Science Syllabus For Year 2020 - 21 in PDF

Karnataka SSLC Board Social Science Syllabus for Class 10 is the first and foremost study material that any student looks for while preparing for the exams. By knowing the syllabus well, they will be able to judge which area of the subject they need to focus more on. Here, we have tried to cover details of the Chapters covered in each discipline that comes under Social Science such as History, Political Science, Sociology, Geography, Economics, Business Studies and so on. We have also given the periods allotted to cover each chapter in class, along with details marks weightage per chapter. These details can be accessed as the 10th Social Science syllabus state board Karnataka, as given here in this article.

Karnataka Social Science Syllabus 2020 for SSLC will be updated soon!

Given below is the list of Chapter names from KSEEB Class 10 Social Science and students can also download the marks weightage from the link given below.


Chapter 1: Advent of Europeans to India

Chapter 2: The Extension of the British Rules

Chapter 3:  The Impact of British Rule in India

Chapter 4: Opposition to British Rule in Karnataka

Chapter 5: Social and Religious Reformation Movements

Chapter 6: The First War of Indian Independence (1857)

Chapter 7: Freedom Movement

Chapter 8: Era of Gandhi and National Movement

Chapter 9: Post Independent India

Chapter 10: The Political Developments of 20th Century


Chapter 11: The Problems of India and their Solutions

Chapter 12: Indian Foreign Policy

Chapter 13: India’s Relationship with Other Countries

Chapter 14: Global Problems and India’s Role

Chapter 15: International Institutions


Chapter 16: Social Stratification

Chapter 17: Labour

Chapter 18: Social Movements

Chapter 19: Social Problems


Chapter 20: Indian Position and Extension

Chapter 21: Indian Physiography

Chapter 22: Indian Climate

Chapter 23: Indian Soils

Chapter 24: Indian Forest Resources

Chapter 25: Indian Water Resources

Chapter 26: Indian Land Resources

Chapter 27: Indian Mineral and Power Resources

Chapter 28: Indian Transport and Communication

Chapter 29: Indian Industries

Chapter 30: Indian Natural Disasters

Chapter 31: Indian Population


Chapter 32: Development

Chapter 33: Rural Development

Chapter 34: Money and Credit

Chapter 35: Public Finance and Budget


Chapter 36: Bank Transactions

Chapter 37: Entrepreneurship

Chapter 38: Globalisation of Business

Chapter 39: Consumer Education and Protection

Importance of SSLC Board Social Science Syllabus for 10th

  • The syllabus provides students with a complete course structure.
  • It covers subtopics of each chapter.
  • Along with the topics it also contains weightage of marks for each chapter.
  • It is considered as the best resource material for exam preparation.
  • All the related study materials are farmed according to the syllabus.